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VRMark Demo


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For those who haven't tried VRMark Demo yet, it can be had on Steam.

This program has two modes, benchmark and demo (if started from the desktop with Steam, if started from the dashboard, it defaults to Demo mode).

The benchmark mode will test to see how your computer and VR setup is running and give you fps results.

The Demo mode is incredible, you are in a large room surrounded by 4 large tanks (looks like fish tanks), the detail in this demo are incredible. You can move around and stick your head into the tanks for a closeup of what's going on. Don't forget to look up and down also since the detail on the floor is nice and the activity happening above you is also impressive.

This is made by the same people that have been making benchmark software for PC for a very long time (3D Mark). The demo is a freebie, but a more elaborate version can be purchased. This is well worth the download and you will enjoy the sheer beauty of this thing if you haven't already.

Regards: Jack

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