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Need help with a bizzare HMD problem


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Wll I've searched highs and lows of the internet and found no solution to my problem.

When i turn on SteamVR in direct mode my left eye screen in HMD is black (turned off) and my right eye screen flickers (~1-2 sec off and 0.5 sec on) same as the light on the HMD (red/green in same intervals).

When i go to extended mode left eye screen is still off but my right eye screen stops flickering and is all good.

Now i have tried bypassing the link box and changing cables. I got so frustrated I've finally gave up and formated my sys HDD and installed Win7 and all other necessary drivers and programs and to no avail i might add. The same problem pravails.

Two days ago ive sent help ticket to steam support but they got too many other problems which i undestand so im not expecting a fast reply from them. In the mean time maybe some one here had same issue or have any idea what is the problem and hopefully how to solve it.


With all the hope


Your cutomer :)

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When you are going into SteamVR, are you playing SteamVR games from Steam?  Have you tried turning off SteamVR and Steam and going to Viveport, pulling up a game there, and trying it?  We have many free games under Viveport, and I would like you to try one of them to help narrow the issue. 


Thank you!

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Yes I have tried games on Viveport and on Steam and the problem is the same. The left eye screen is off all the time from the moment i turn VR on, even when im out of the game.

The curious part is that if it was like this from the moment i installed Vive it would just probably mean that something was broken before it was delivered, but like i wrote before everything was ok at my day 1 with VR.


The steam support wrote to me it might be due to me connecting my VR to my motherboard integrated GPU but it was not. Everything (screen and VR) is connected to my GTX 970.

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You said "Now i have tried bypassing the link box and changing cables."  have you tried bypassing the 3 in 1 cable as well?  Plugging your HMD directly into the computer using the HMDI cable, the USB cable and the AC Adaptor?


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