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Is it possible to run 3Dof apps on HTC Vive Focus 3?


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For my specific use case, cameras on Vive Focus 3 must be covered and the headset must be in 3Dof mode. I've done some tests to see if I can achieve what my client needs. When in lobby, when covering the cameras - the headset goes into 3Dof mode as expected, however no app can be launched - while trying, all there is is the vive logo and the loading animation that remains until the cameras are uncovered. So I've made a simple 3Dof apk in Unity and installed it on Vive Focus 3 - it runs as expected when cameras are uncovered AND when cameras are covered it runs 100% the same for about 10/15 seconds and then the app pauses, the vive logo and the same loading animation plays until the cameras are uncovered. So my conclusions are - HTC Vive Focus 3 is capable of running in 3Dof mode with cameras covered (in 3Dof mode tracking cameras aren't necessary at all anyway), but the system software keeps from doing so. Can this be omitted in some way? For example by running some command like 'adb shell setprop assure_cameras_tracking false' or something along those lines? Or any other way to do this?

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@MDLune This is referred to as "passenger mode" on Focus devices. I don't believe they're introduced a passenger mode option for Focus 3, but it's worth specifically worth mentioning this to your account manager because some of the recent feature requests have been associated with and driven by with the device management application.

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