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Focus 3: Options for drone POV via headset???


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Long story short, I'm thinking about what I could do with my Vive Focus 3 now that for the first time ever I have a standalone headset and it occurs to me, "woah, if I could control a real world drone, it could look like I'm flying!"

So... any thoughts on how I could do that?

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@Tausendberg  Most drone and sensor companies are pretty closed loop about connecting drones to their HMDs for security and reliability reasons.FPV headsets and drones are purpose built like DJI's FPV system - they fall under different regulatory guidelines because of how they're built and their use-case.

I can see these continued to be specialized and regulated headsets since they usually connect directly to the drone. You'll probably have to buy a specialized drone/headset combo for the conceivable future.It would be interesting if an OEM released a RF mod to add this to a popular headset.

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