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Can the Vive pro 2 be used for stereoscopic 3D games that are not made for VR?


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I am considering buying an HTC Vive Pro 2 kit. But since there's a limited selection of great titles out there that actually support VR, I am wondering if the headset also can be used to play non-VR games in stereoscopic 3D. By that I mean non-VR games where you used something like Nvidia 3D glasses along with a low latency monitor that supported 3D vision, and pretty much any DirectX game would work with a varying degree of success. There was also an alternative driver called IZ3D that could be set up with various different setups for stereoscopic 3D. Anything from 3D glasses, to side-by-side, to red/cyan glasses. I used to play some games like WoW, Half-life 2, Diablo 3 and battlefield with those glasses, as well as watch some stereoscopic films. But both Nvidia 3D vision and iz3d are obsolete products now.  Right now we are trying a game called Lost Ark which I imagine could look fantastic in stereoscopic 3D.

So does anyone have experience with this, and if the headset is useful for anything other than VR games?

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