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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Beta Release Notes
Released February 15th 2022

VIVE Console

[OpenXR Runtime]

  • Adapted and passed OpenXR CTS 1.0.22.
  • Corrected ‘menu’ input path for VIVE Cosmos controller.
  • Fixed an issue where display color is incorrect in OpenXR App.

[OpenXR Hand Tracking API layer]

  • Added ‘openvr_api.dll’ to support Lighthouse-based HMDs.

[OpenXR Facial Tracking API layer]

  • Fixed an issue where Unity OpenXR eye gaze has no function.
  • Fixed an issue where strange jitter is observed when App is pushed to background.
  • Fixed an issue where Unity sometimes App gets stuck when gaze is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Unity gaze tracking doesn’t work in Editor.
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Hi there

Do I really need this Tobii VR runtime to run in the background ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii VRU02 Runtime\platform_runtime_VR4U2P2_service.exe") ??

I don't want to use any eye tracking system (has I have any with a simple Vive Pro 2 headset along with my old Valve Index lighthouses and controllers ??)

You should give your customers the choice to let run software they really need...


Thank you..

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after this update my hmd start to show vertical scan lines...tried everithing as rolling back to backup version, resetting usb etc etc but problem is still there.

I have the hmd since preorder with no issues till yesterday, today i've upgraded software version and now this...hope you can fix in some way


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After a lot of tests i was able to eliminate those vertical scanlines, i had to do everything possible like reinstal steamvr, vive console and reset all usb a lot of times, then go back to the non beta branch of vive console to get the hmd work well again.

i tried to re update to last beta and scan lines comes again, so its definitely something related to last version of the software, because re doing all passages and going back to non beta fixes this issue.


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