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No more image in Vive: Possible defects? Possible repair?

Tobias Claren

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What are known defects that can cause the OLED image of an HTC Vive to fail?
I see the image on the PC, the movements are transferred.
The green light of the glasses is active, and the home button also works.
Since it is an OLED, there are no CCFL tubes, high voltage coil or LED backlight.
I am interested in the causes (defective components, etc.).
If you do not want to tell me, then I ask again in the user area 😔 .
Feel free to tell me what a service repair would cost.

And I have a strange VR view on the PC:



Every now and then it flickers, and then it looks like this, for example:

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@Tobias Claren If you're seeing it in the VR mirror like it looks like you are above, the issue is highly likely to be isolated to the PC. The HMD itself is essentially a monitor and if there was a hardware problem in the headset, you would see the flickers in the headset but not on the PC mirror. I've seen similar problems caused by a faulty header on a GPU. Try running FURMark for over 5 minutes to see if you get weird graphical glitches under high GPU load.

If you're seeing it in the headset, but not the VR mirror, that does lend itself towards hardware failure. These types of flickers are most commonly related to a bad HMD tether, but sometimes can be due to physical damage or potentially a defect. I once dropped a headset and it started doing something very similar. I've also seen a bad GPU  See if jostling the cable around impacts the behavior, and try to unplug and re seat the HMD tether. If it's internal to the headset - that's generally not something you can diagnose and fix at home. I have seen a headset wonk out in one eye like this from being dropped.

The fastest way to isolate if it's the HMD or your PC is to test the HMD on another PC if you have access to one.

Clean installing Nvidia drivers is a step I always take when having graphical problems.


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