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Pushing Updated Corporate Content to Focus 3's


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We have recently started a project with Focus 3 headsets and wanted a easy way to manage the applications on it and landed on the Device Management System, we uploaded our application to the Corporate Content section of the site and used the Batch Configurator to lock the headset in kiosk mode to that particular application, however this morning I made some changes to that APK and updated it on the site. however the headsets are still showing the old version of the application, does the focus 3 support updating of corporate applications through this method or have I missed something here?

Any help is greatly apricated

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we have a similair problem with the device management system. our updated version of the apk is stuck as "processing" since the day before yesterday. downloading from within the HMD still installs the old version.

This is hugeley important to us. Our client is waiting for the new version.


Will deleting and reuploading the whole project fix this?


Is there another way to contact support??

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The corporate content system leverages the users and groups in your org. You have to assign the application to them, and the respective users must be logged into their org-linked accounts in the headsets.

In the corporate content list view, the 'Add New Content' button at the top right will change to 'Delete Content' and 'Assign Content' when you have one or more applications selected by checkbox.

In the individual app page, on the left side of the pane you will see 'Content Detail', which is the default view. Switch to 'Assigned User" below it to modify assignments for that particular app.

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