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[UPDATE] VRS Studio V0.0.2 - Download and Experience now


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Vive Reality System (VRS) Studio is a sample demo content that provides VRS experience demo on Vive Focus3. In the version 0.0.1 contains multiple hand interactions by the latest Wave SDK and VIVE Input Utility (VIU). Within the VRS studio, we provided a set of features and user interface that can help you speed up on the development.

Features include Tutorial, Interaction, 2D/3D Panel, Object operations, Keyboard typing, and Little Game.

Wave SDK: https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-wave/
VIU: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/vive-input-utility-64219

VRS APK Download here: VRSStudio_2022_01_21_19_10_(0_0_1).apk

Demo Clips can be found below.

Hand tutorial

The first scene when user launch VRS Studio is Hand tutorial. Hand tutorial is for user to learn how hand detected and learn to summon VRS Studio menu. User can also enter hand tutorial again by click VRS Studio menu.



VRS Studio menu

It’s the entry of all scenes. By left hand palm-up gesture, VRS Studio menu would be summoned.



2D/3D panel

VRS Studio provides hand-touch experience on virtual panel GUIs. By hand detection, user touch to control panels straightly.

If you are a Unity developer. You can also find this asset in VIVE Input Utility plugin.



Object operations

Object operation scenes provide grab/stretch/throw objects experiences.



Keyboard typing

With hand tracking function, users may also wish to type characters by hand. So VRS Studio also provide hand typing keyboard. User can type and grab to move keyboard by hands straightly.



Little gamming

Vive Focus3 and Wave SDK provide hand gesture for content developing. Rock paper scissors game is a mini game which is applied these gestures. By hand gestures, user can play rock-paper-scissors with Robot.


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