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Map Sharing & LBE Features


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Hello all,

Looking for any technical information on enabling map sharing.  Pasted below is the press release from November 2021 on the Focus 3's newer features.  I haven't seen anything else on the forums, google searches result in copies of the press release on various tech sites, and I've reached out to Vive support for more information as well.

Thanks for any clues/guidance/assistance,



Map Sharing

VIVE Focus 3 now offers Map Sharing, a hugely requested feature, especially among our LBE customers. It allows multiple users to operate accurate co-location tracking in a shared space, without having to individually setup or calibrate each HMD. VIVE Focus 3 is the only headset that supports inside-out tracking – making it faster and easier for customers to customize the user experience.

Most other multiplayer free-roaming experiences use an outside-in tracking system, requiring users to carry a PCVR backpack and play in a limited space with the Lighthouse system. With Map Sharing and LBE Mode, users can finally run around in the field, provide cover for each other in shooting games or share their different perspectives in escape games. These two features also make it easier to scale large, multi-person visual exhibitions like VR art galleries or professional training areas.

*To enable Map Sharing, just set up a map with one VIVE Focus 3, and the map can then easily be shared with multiple HMDs at the same time. Map Sharing also allows for:

  • Duplicate single boundary/direction/center of map/floor height to all headsets.
  • All headsets can work in a single ground truth for localization and tracking without extra calibration required.
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