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Vive pro 2 wireless kit extension?


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Good evening,

I have been searching around the forum and internet to get a solution or advices concerning the extension of the link box via a cable, with no big success.

Here is my situation, which is quite similar to some, so I may hope for a solution: 

My room is situated right next to my living room, which is my VR game area, but to connect my linkbox to it's WiGig adapter in my pc, I must either need a 5 or 15m cable extension, depending on whether I make it go through the balcony or indoors. My question is the following:

1) Is it possible to extend the cable reach of my wireless link box via a cable long enough ? Or is it purely impossible due to signal loss at such distances?

2) If it is possible, where can I find relevant data concerning the camera and its cable to find the correct extension cable ? I am not an expert, I just know that I need to know if the cable is of 50 or 75 ohm impedance, the camera max frequency, and if it is a laser or infrared camera, etc... according to the guy who's helping me figure this out.

3) if not, what are your tips to make this work out? My plan B is to simply move my computer to the gaming room and run cables in my apartment to my screens so I can still work in my office. This is far from ideal, but my only solution at this.

Thanks in advance!

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