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Vive Tracker Rotation Issue with Unreal


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Hi there!

I set up my Vive Tracker 3.0 in Unreal 5 to record some scenes inside of the sequencer (so as long as I see the motion controller doesn't work for that, just when you play the game) I have everything right and working except for the rotation. The tracker is pointing up the sky instead of pointing to the front. I tried:

- Manage Tracker in SteamVR changing the tracker role in different locations

-Differents Blueprints to change the rotation axis 90º but it didn't work.

-Plug the tracker to the pc and try to fix rotation

-Rotate Camera Component in blueprint/outliner (the worst option, tracker get crazy)

The easiest solution could be to buy an L shape rig for my handheld to change the position of the tracker but it has to be a way to make it work without doing that. Any suggestions?

r/unrealengine - Vive Tracker Rotation Issue with Unreal

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