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Vive Focus 3 - Performance and GFX budget


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I'm trying to give the proper budget (draw calls, triangles, shader complexity) to my team so they can build level and character assets accordingly. We are building our experience on Unity 2021 using the Wave XR Plugin. So far the only official figure I found are from the Wave SDK documention and describe budget for what I guess is the Focus Plus :

  • 50,000-100,000 triangles or vertices
  • 50-100 Draw Calls

However, It doesn't come close to the figures given by Meta for the Quest 2 (or even the Quest 1) despite rocking the same chip. I'm also seeing some messages on the forum of users experiencing performances issues on the Focus 3. Does HTC have some official guidelines or figures regarding those GFX budget? Do you guys have any feedback based on you're experiences?


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