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cosmos elite - always disconnecting


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Hello, I have the htc cosmos elite but I have a problem: the headset displays a black screen every 15 seconds and windows makes a hardware modification noise like when you remove a usb key: indeed, in the device manager, the helmet disappears and reappears 10 seconds later.

The updates are done, the headphones are well connected (the problem is present even when I don't touch the headphones or the cable) and the usb cable is plugged into a vr ready port.
I have already tried to change displayport port but also usb.

My motherboard is msi b450 gaming plus and my graphics card is rtx 2070 asus rog strix.
My graphics card drivers are up to date.

How can I solve this problem?

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Did you fix it? I have the same problem, headset just reconnecting every 10 seconds so software cannot set up helmet. 
It was working fine for 1 year, but then this just happen when I was playing vrchat. In one moment tracking just lost, and I tried to restart my software and helmet. Now it just reconnecting every 10 seconds and I can't use VR.
Tried to restore windows, tried different USB port, tried to delete and install USB drivers, tried to buy new link box, tried to use my old cable and nothing changes the situation. 
I think  that helmet is broken, but still trying to do something with it.
Let me know if you found solution!

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