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keyboard pair to phone, mouse with phone, mirror chrome or writing app to flow


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Use a small phone to type with a keyboard on a big screen in VR. 
Focus to type email, read email, morning to do list, or write to concentrate in the flow.
Bluetooth Keyboard paired with phone can type while mirroring app to flow. Move phone as mouse like laser pointer clicking menus, bold text, scroll. Open google docs, chrome, type in app while mirroring.
Bluetooth mouse paired with phone will not work. Mouse click not recognized cursor, moves but cannot click. Only phone works as mouse.
Mirroring latency when typing but get used to. Scroll jumps down a certain length. Select text with keyboard but not phone as mouse. Can switch horizontal or vertical app view using flow menus. Less screendoor than quest 1 text a little easier to read but not as clear as a computer screen. Turn on blue light filter on the flow helps reduce the bright white background while typing.
Phone samsung a42 5g. Posted this while wearing the flow, mirroring chrome, typing on a keyboard. Use phone apps while using the flow.
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Reading small text is actually possible on the Flow. The screendoor effect is almost unnoticeable, and doesn't affect small letters as much as screendoor has on other headsets.
Dark mode works well on the Flow because there are no god rays light blurring. White text on black bakground is solid on the Flow.
1600x1600 resolution is similar to an older headset, but with special lenses in the Flow it looks like every individual pixel is finally visible. The older headset's screendoor felt like a small checkerboard of every other pixel missing, which made small text very pixelated in the past.
The Flow handles more detail and somehow looks like it has a higher resolution compared to other headsets with similar resolution numbers. While text on the Flow is not crisp like on a monitor, it makes reading text possible in a personal lightweight headset.
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With Vive Flow system update 1.56.623.01, you can disable phone as controller (Settings > Advanced), which means that while mirroring your phone, a bluetooth mouse paired with your phone can be used as a real cursor to select, highlight, and click and drag. Mouse wheel works too.

Pair a bluetooth keyboard to your phone as well, and you can focus on activities such as writing or planning your day with apps on your phone.

Can sit upright with better posture with a Vive Flow, rather than having the neck bent over looking down at a phone or computer monitor.

For a more comfortable time try adjusting the face cushion's nose rest (be careful) and turning on the blue light filter. Try taking a break from VR every 30 minutes or an hour.


Pair mouse with phone, mirror phone, disable phone as controller.png

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