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Antialiasing URP Unity Focus 3 - Best Practice

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Long time listener first time caller.

We're having issues getting acceptable (this is a port from Quest 2 to Focus 3) antialiasing that is performant and matches the visual quality of the binary we have for Oculus Quest 2. 

MSAA is making any objects with alpha in their materials go completely transparent, and pushing it to higher levels is killing performance. FXAA and SMAA are (from what I'm told, happy to be corrected) not suitable for mobile, too resource hungry. 

Assets available on the Unity asset store to help via temporal or other methods seem to be dead ends. Or maybe we haven't tried the right ones?

This is for running in headset, not tethered to a PC. It's a port that runs beautifully on the quest 2 (although that was standard pipeline, and now we are for 'some important reason' in universal). The app runs 360 stereo with a chunk of geometry and animated elements with alpha in materials as well. 

Any tips from the community on best practice for getting really great AA on focus 3 in URP running in headset? 



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