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Headset not recognized - no tone when USB or HDMI is attached to my computer

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I have an early model HTC VIVE headset, but I lacked a broadband connection, so I haven't been able to use it for about two years. I just had broadband installed, and want to hook up and play, but when I follow the set up guide, the headset isn't recognized by my laptop (there are no alert tones when I plug in the USB and HDMI cables, the 2.0 USB socket recognizes other devices at that port), and I can't get past the screen that reads "Please plug in your VR headset."

I've tried using other USB ports including the 3/.0 buss, but the headset won't power up, and I don't have any LEDs showing.

I have checked the connections at the headset, on both sides of the PC/Headset interface and my computer. I have a friend that will be helping me check to see that my laptop is configured correctly, but if anyone has knowledge, or has faced similar issues, any suggestions are appreciated.


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Check your audio jack if you're using wired headphones. Look for the audio output port on the side or back of your computer, which is usually marked with a headphones or speaker icon, and double-check that your headphones are correctly plugged in. You can also unplug and re-plug them to fully engage them until you hear a click.

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I had help from a friend who diagnosed the problem. We aren't sure why, but the power supply for the headset failed while I had the headset stored. I set up a temporary unit, and was able to get the headset to function.

I replaced the power supply & I'm ready to rock

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