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[Unity] Hand Tracking by Wave SDK


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Function introduction

Wave SDK provides native hand tracking APIs for hand tracking integration. Fully support features include 27-joint poses, hand gesture recognition, and UI interactions.In this video, we have shown a quick guide on how easy it is to import wave hand prefab to your existing unity content which allows you to add hand tracking integrate in no time. Followed by a simple app “VRS studio” by the latest Wave SDK and Vive Input Utility(VIU) specifically on hand sections, we demonstrated UI interactions, grabbing objects, rock-paper-scissors mini games, and also typing on a virtual keyboard.

These are just some examples of what you can do with hand tracking. 


   - Simple hand tutorial demo

   - Hand touch button demo

   - Hand crab object demo

   - Slide button by hand demo

   - Gesture application – finger guessing game

   - IME Typing by hand demo



           Guide for Wave SDK - SDK tutorial for hand feature


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Hai, I am also experience with the Wave SDK's Hand Tracking feature and has managed to fine-tune gesture recognition, can anyone give guidance. I've followed the SDK's documentation and managed to get basic hand tracking working in my project. I can see the hand models and they seem to be fairly responsive. However, I'm struggling to consistently recognize certain gestures. For instance, recognizing a fist or an open palm works fine most of the time, but more complex gestures like a thumbs-up or making an "OK" sign often get misinterpreted or simply not detected.

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