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VIVE Pro facial tracker: How to get the exact name or weight of the displayed facial expression?

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I have been using VIVE Pro facial tracker for a while. I want to get the name or the label or weight at least, like the unique data of the facial expression being shown on the screen of Unity Engine when the avatar replicates the facial expression. I have edited the code in the script named as (SRanipal_AvatarLipSample.cs) in line (39).


Here are some of the the results in the console-



The value '0' is shown when I make no facial expressions, but other values are shown when I am making other facial expressions. Am I doing the right way, if the respective values of the real time facial expressions are being shown or does it show something related to the (Mouth_Smile_Right) expression only?

Looking for a kind reply. Thanks!

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