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How I can enbale remote adb?


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Remote adb not allowed. When I connect Flow to my PC using USB Flow say that he has low energy and Flow will shutdown.

Vive Flow work fine when I use my power bank. But I can't connect to Flow by remote connect.

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I'm not sure but, sounds like a similar to a similar Vive Flow forum topic:


In the Vive Flow settings, there appears to be an option in Advanced to enable USB debugging, and installing unverified apps. But I don't know about developer mode.


Is the problem that the Vive Flow can't get enough power when connected to your computer for the Vive Flow to stay on? Are you using the USB-C cable that came with the Vive Flow to connect to your computer?

Just a few ideas.

  • You might change your computer's Power Mode to Best Performance. Keep the laptop plugged in and charging (so not only relying on laptop battery which may involve throttling), when connecting a USB-C device. 
  • Use a USB-C hub that allows you to connect the hub to a power adapter such as a USB-C phone charger to deliver enough power to the Vive Flow while also being connected to the computer.
  • Maybe check in your computer's settings if you can increase the amount of power output to the USB-C port (for example on Vaio computers you can set USB-C output to 1.0A or 1.5A).
  • Another setting might be related to laptop power management, and throttling. Check for settings how to prevent throttling.
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@Caffeine Plugging Flow into the PC via USB-C is the standard method to run ADB. I believe remote ADB is disabled for security.

Perhaps your motherboard isn't providing the standard current amount over USB? I don't think I've seen this before on PC - it normally just works. When you plug it into the PC, you might see a security dialogue in the glasses about USB File transfer mode, but otherwise - it just charges off the USB cable. 

Halu's comments are pretty spot on. I'd try a different cable and try other ports. 

You could plug it into a different PC and see if you get the power error. 

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