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Wave Unity SDK and XR Interaction toolkit


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Hi all, Has anyone developed an app using the Wave SDK and the new Unity XR Interaction toolkit? What was your experience? Currently interested in getting a Vive Focus 3, so any thoughts/advice are very much welcomed.

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Hi, I use a Focus 3 for work, and one thing I can tell you, is that the headset is great, but HTC's resources for using the headset is absolute garbage in the way that it is highly disorganised.

So for now, I could not recommend getting one. Maybe wait for HTC to get it together because otherwise you will lose a huge amount of your time just trying to understand where to begin.

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You can search this forum (and additional developer forums) to find answers - XRI is supported by the Wave platform the support is in the "Essence" package which includes a sample.

Between blogs, forums and the website you should be able to find what you seek - we are currently revamping the website and you'll hear more announcements soon.  As you know, the Focus 3 is an official adopter of OpenXR (beta already accessible) and it's not just us going through this transition - relatively soon OpenXR will become the defacto approach for all XR development and expect us and others to focus on OpenXR in a big way.

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