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Is the Vive Focus 3 an objectively better headset than Quest 2- price not considered?


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There are different pros and cons for both headsets.

Why I would choose the the Vive Focus 3:

* No hard binding to a company - you just buy a headset and do not have to connect you to a social media platform - very important in business context

* Better of the shelve comfort - the standard head strap of the Vive is very comfortable and the weight is better balanced 

* Exchangeable battery - I think this is a big advantage for various usage scenarios 

Why I would buy the Quest 2:

* Cheap headset with no problem with Facebook binding

* Already more content in the store - more development is going on

* Larger sweet spot and less god-rays - in most use cases I have no problem with it

* No fan - for some applications of the Focus 3 the fan is a bit disturbing 

* AR Mode - pretty knew for the Quest but will get interesting 

Privately I would always choose a Quest 2 as it offers more for a small budget... However in business context I personally would recommend the Vive Focus 3 as you have less problems with privacy. 

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The panels in the Vive Focus 3 are WAY BETTER.

This was a big part for me, I have extremely good eye sight and so it's nice to have panels that feel very 'full' even if I can still make out the pixels on flat backgrounds I wouldn't call it a 'screen door effect' because I don't perceive it like I can see between the pixels, per se. 

Also, it is an EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE headset which goes a long way if you are going to use it for a context of a lot of movement. 

Finally, this is more of a user specific scenario but WIFI 6E, Focus 3 can do it, Quest 2 can't. 

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On 4/17/2022 at 11:06 AM, Steve_76 said:

* No fan - for some applications of the Focus 3 the fan is a bit disturbing 

I consider this a disadvantage, the lack of active cooling gives the Quest 2 a reputation as feeling like the user has a 'toaster' strapped to their face. Also, I like how the fan in the Focus 3 dehumidifies the area between the face and the lens. 

Every time I use my Reverb G2 I'm shocked at how quickly my lenses fog up. 

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