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Is the Vive Focus 3 an objectively better headset than Quest 2- price not considered?


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In my opinion, no it's not overall the better headset, especially if your use case is primarily gaming. The only pro I would agree with the previous responses is the fact that you don't need a facebook account. Other than that:

  • The comfort was much worse than I expected given the better balance. I have a DAS with battery on my Quest 2 and the comfort is actually very similar and the face cushion fits better in fact.
  • Exchangeable battery is a plus in certain situations but for my use, the Quest 2 lasts for 6 hours with my battery on the strap so it's a non issue to charge whenever I'm not using it.
  • The better lenses on the Quest is not a minor issue: it's a much larger sweet spot and much fewer reflections and God rays so the overall image, despite being slightly better looking in the center on the Focus 3, is actually better on the Quest 2 for me.
  • The software is much more refined on the Quest 2 - HTC just has started to come out with features that bring the image quality for PCVR up to par but even now it can be buggy to get steamvr started and the wireless experience is not up to par with the smooth glitch free performance of Airlink.
  • The focus 3 has wifi 6e but the only practical benefit that gives is running multiple headsets on the same network at once. It doesn't give any higher bitrate in streaming.
  • The fact that all Oculus software and steamvr software can be run without issues and for new games as well is huge. With the focus you have to mess with revive, steamvr bindings and sometimes the controllers just don't even work (like in Boneworks). The Quest 2 is the most popular VR headset out so new games and mods always work first on it, and are maybe later patched for the Focus 3.
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Just want to point out with regard to comfort and display quality, it's certainly a matter of opinion and we've gotten the opposite response frequently -  your best bet is to try it out for yourself and compare.



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