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What happend? Vive worked fine, then 3 hrs later: Error 208


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My Vive has been working fine since I bought it 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday I had a friend over and we played for 2-3 hours, then watched a movie, and played other PC games. Then I decide to install Dota2, and while it is downloading on steam, I turn on Vive again. But no.....


I get a message that HMD is not connected proporly, with error code 208 and option to reboot.

I check all cables in all ends, they are properly connected. I have 3 meter high quality extension cables, that have worked fine for weeks. But all are connected, also in the HMD.

The HMD light is red.

The Reboot does nothing.

PC restart does nothing

Lighthouses reboot - everything reboot, still nothing, just a red lamp and a steamVR that tells me the same error 208 + check cables + HMD not connected.


What can I do? It was working fine, nothing was changed? There was no bumping accidents.

I installed Dota2 but I cannot imagine that has influence since I didnt start it. It was just a steam install, and the HMD light is red - cannot be any software??


Im at work now, but when I get home I will try to fiddle with the cables, remove the extention cables, try to connect directly without the small box.. But it seems wrong, since it all worked fine for weeks.



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Quite possibly a cable issue.
Rule out the extension cable if you can and then check the 3-in-1 cable and make sure it's properly seated in the HMD. If that doesn't solve it, run a USB cable from the HMD to the PC (bypassing the linkbox, in place of the normal 3-in-1 cable, but with the power and HDMI still connected)

Let me know the results of that testing.

-John C

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Actually I found another solution.

Unplug all the cables both from PC and the box.

Installed the beta version of steamVR - steam home. (dont think this was the solution, but nice upgrade!)

Shut PC down - including power.

Then plug cables back in, and start PC.

It worked.


I also upgraded Nvidia driver, but that was probably not an issue with the HMD connection.



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