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i want to know How i can developement AR & MR using VIVE??


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Hello, i live in South Korea.


i read some articles and i saw that vive can develope AR & MR.


My question is


1. What about VIVE's front camera specs? because i searched google, front camera pixel is very low. i want to know exactly spec about front camera


2. i watched youtube video about MR development.
   i want to know program name in this imageage    

3. Recently, VIVE Tracker was released. before tracker released, equipment for making MR is using controller. now its change VIVE Tracker. What different ??

thank you !!



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     Hi YuGyungho, 

     I recognize the software being as a member of the Tricaster ecosystem. It is a production grade solution that runs in conjunction with their hardware and is thus something geered towards studios.

     Mirroring Synthesis' response, I'd give the Vive tracker documents a look. They perform the same function as the controllers in terms of MR applications (providing location data for the camera) but in a much smaller and purpose built package.

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