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Lighthouse controller.

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IS there something that can be done about the lighthouses. I have a COsmos Elite and the 1.0 tracking setup. I will put my pc in hibernation mode all the time, but this is from a cold start or restart too. WHen I restart the pc, it starts the lighthouses too. Is there a way to keep them off until a vr app is called to start? It is really frustrating to have to launch vr and close it every time I turn the pc on. THere are times I want to use the pc without messing with the VR, shocker I know. An it is really an annoyance to have to needlessly start vr just to shut it down right away everytime I go through a power cycle on my pc. More so that one of my lighthouses makes this loud fluttering noise whenever its on. Has done so since I got the headset. THe other lighthouse is quite silent. This is my second vive kit, as I sold my og vive a few years ago. Those lighthouses made almost no noise.

Thank you,.

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