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[Viveport SDK] Can't make In-App Purchase work


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I've followed the documentation at:


and implemented everything as documented.

When I try to purchase in my app, I get a message saying my wallet is empty. The account I'm using has credit card defined already with a PIN code. Why do I need wallet coins for In-App Purchase? Also, I'm not able to add coins in VR.

Even if I try to top up the wallet via the desktop app or browser, it asks me for my wallet code. I don't have any wallet code. I couldn't find how do I get such a code.

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In-app subscription is supported in the SDK for developers to start implementing. Customer-facing, only Viveport credits can be used to add money to the wallet which are distributed from the Viveport team. We are actively working on support for credit cards & prepaid cards for customers. We are aiming for these features to be ready in the near future Let me know if you have any additional questions, thank you! 

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