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Wrist Tracker force Hand Tracking enhancement.


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I am using Wrist Trackers to track external elements in my app (the trackers are not placed on my wrist: they are placed on a tracked extinguisher).
I am also using hand tracking.

It was working fine until recently. However, since the last Wrist Trackers update (, whenever I am using them, they also change the position of the hands
(The position of the hands returned by the hand tracking system) and place them next to the tracker.
Please note that I have the same behavior in Unity using the Wave SDK and in the Focus 3 main menu (the virtual hands are placed next to their corresponding trackers).
In the previous version, there was a popup allowing us to choose if the Wrist Trackers were used to enhance the hand tracking or as external tracker (this second option being what we were using). However, this pop up is no longer displayed when I pair the trackers and I couldn't find an option to disable this feature anywhere.

Is there any way to go back to the old behaviour?

I have a headset with Firmware version 3.3.999.446
and the Wrist Trackers are on

Thank you in advance for your help.


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