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Vive Focus 3: Unity Saving Data Online?


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Is there a good solution to save data from a VR simulation to an online repository? I'm thinking Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.? I am developing a simulation where we want to aggregate decisions people make. We are going to deploy on many headsets so we don't want to have to deal with local save files. We are programming in Unity for the Vive Focus 3 using OpenXR.

If you've come across a solution for this, please let me know.

Thank you!

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Hi @THubbard

Absolutely, you can save the output of operations on the headset to a network server. 

Using unity and a backend server, you can save pretty much any content you want. The backend server or service that you choose will be a set of decisions you'll have to make on your own based on your team, familiarity, and which cost structure makes sense for you.

You'll want to figure out different questions like data format (json/xml/binary/flatbuffer/protobuf/etc) and the way that you'd pass the data on (probably easiest to http but could be any network protocol) and how to manage the backend. Backend solutions end up being a large area of expertise - it could be a serverless type solution with a backend, a rented server or hardware you own. and there are some sdks which will provide this type of backend data storage as a solution as well. I think unity even provides some cloud save apis.

I hope this gave you a few starting points to start looking into it!



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