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OpenVR, OpenXR, Vive OpenXR etc. which SDK I should use?


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I have an HTC Vive Pro Eye headset, and what I want, send real-time rendered scene to my headset to display from my C++ project.

After searching a bit, I found there are several SDKs to communicate with Vive Pro Eye. Probably Tobii XR SDK, and Unity XR SDK won't serve my purpose. What left, OpenVR, OpenXR, and Vive OpenXR (although I do not know what are the differences between OpenXR and Vive OpenXR).

Some developer communities are discussing that OpenVR has been deprecated in favor of OpenXR. So, in summary, is OpenXR the best/appropriate option to connect VR in my project? What are the advantages using Vive OpenXR?

Which SDK I should use? Also, I need to access real-time eye tracking data. Can OpenXR do that? Or should I use SRanipal with OpenXR (if I use OpenXR)?

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