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Vive Pro 2 or Pro 1 for Wireless


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Hello I am looking to buy a new VR-Headset for Wireless VR. Since the index doesn't support Wireless VR the question is if I should get a Vive Pro or Pro 2.
I have heard that the vive wireless adapter isn't actually capable of running the hmd at it's full resolution at 120hz, is that correct ? And if so would you recon the Pro 2 is even the better headset for wireless VR considering it's overlapp issues ?

Note: Price is a non issue here the headset is for work, goal is simply to get the best wireless VR-Experience possible.

Thank you for all your feedback. As most sugfested I went with the vive pro 2, sadly the corresponding pc is going to take a few more weeks to get here but am looking forward to it.

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