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Vive Pro 2 software installation stuck at Sign in or sign up for a Steam account...


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Hi, Installation of VivePro2Setup.exe is stuck on this screen:


As you can see, it loaded Steam in the background and the steam is logged in (also online). I'm using the latest Windows 10.

Basically I'm now holding a very expensive brick. How do I proceed with installation?

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Was there ever a solution for this? I am having this same issue. Trying to help a friends daughter and do a few updates on her computer. I have her computer at my house and do not have her Vive Pro 2 with me but I'm at the point where im trying to re-install the software for her and it hangs at this same part. Steam is already installed and logged in but it just hangs at this part. 

There was also another issue during install but it's unrelated to this post. The other issue was during the install it told me I needed to update the drivers for her AMD RX 5500 XT. I went and downloaded the most recent software and drivers from AMD's website and everything installed fine but i still get this message every time I run the Vive installer. 

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Never mind. I got it figured out. Even though the VIVE software was telling me to have Steam open and Online, that was actually the problem. what worked for me was closing Steam and then starting the VIVE software installation. Then through the process of the installation the VIVE software launches Steam for you and you then login. After doing that, the install completed. It seems that the VIVE installation software was unable to detect that Steam was already opened and logged in. So it stalled out. 

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