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Vive Disappearing From SteamVR, Throwing HMD Errors


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I recently borrowed an original Vive from a fried and have been running into a number of issues in getting it to work with my system. SteamVR sees the Vive for about 10 seconds after booting it up. After that, the headset goes from "tracking," to "not visible by the base stations," to "disconnected." After that, if I leave SteamVR open for about 5-10 minutes SteamVR throws an HMD error, complaining that the GPU is having difficulty communicating with the headset. After the HMD error, SteamVR sees the headset again and can successfully track it, but nothing displays on the headset.

I've tried resetting the link box, using different USB ports (both USB 2 and 3), replacing the headset cable, toggling direct display on and off, updating and reinstalling GPU drivers, reinstalling SteamVR, reinstalling USB drivers, and reinstalling Vive software, but nothing has had any effect. The headset itself should work, as it was being regularly used until about a month before it was passed to me. I'm using the headset with a GTX1080, which functions perfectly for any other sort of workload. My CPU is a Intel 6800k, which does not have any on-board graphics.

I'd much appreciate any recommendations on how to approach this problem or further steps to try.

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