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How to Attach the VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap to the Headset

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Hello All! As you know the VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap will go on sale June 6th and we wanted to make sure that you were aware of the slight differences for attaching it to the Headset compared to the previous standard strap.  Instructions are below, enjoy!


First you will need to remove the old strap:

To detach the buckle, rotate the buckle downwards. You'll hear a click when the buckle is released.

Then attach the Deluxe Audio Strap:
  1. Press each of the strap’s buckles to the connectors on the headset.
  2. Insert the 3-in-1 cable and the strap’s audio cable into the compartment cover’s cable hole (not into the hole on the Vive logo). Connect the cables to its corresponding slots in the headset’s compartment.
  3. To replace the compartment cover, align the ridge on the cover with the tabs on the compartment, and then push the cover until it snaps in place.
  4. Fix the 3-in-1 cable in place on the clip on the right side of the strap.
  5. Attach the velcro strap (comes in the box) between the cushion and the plastic base.  Loop the strap around the 3-in-1 cable, and then fasten it in place.
  6. Insert the top strap’s velcro band to the compartment cover’s band guide, and then secure it in place.


You can find additional set up and usage guides HERE


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I ordered mine last night (from Vive Canada's site shortly after midnight Eastern time) and by itself it had a $65 shipping charge, I then also ordered a set of nose pieces (small) and a set of face pads (wide), then the shipping charge went down to $10. I thought that was kind of odd but I like the $10 shipping much better than $65. LOL

Very much look forward to trying out the new Audio Strap since the standard Vive strap leave a lot to be desired.

Oh yes, for people saying $99 is too much, try $140 ($139.99) us Canadians have to pay for it. :(

Regards: Jack

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Hi John,


Thanks for the helpful instructions. Today, most of the Vive community is talking about reports that the padding inside the strap apparently disintegrates and sticks to the user's head after one or two uses. Does HTC have an official response to this? Will the company be offering replacement padding, possibly made from a more appropriate material?





[2] https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/6fqbuo/foam_padding_deteriorating_deluxe_audio_headstrap/

[3] http://i.imgur.com/Z3T4cvb.jpg

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Received my Vive Delux strap, but unable to put it on as the old strap would not come off.

Done the top, left side - easy. But struggling to get the right-hand side buckle off. Called up HTC UK tech support, but all they could advise is to take my VIVE to Carphone Warehouse, but if they break it, it's on me. Clearly - that is not a solution. 

Been trying to get the buckle off for over 3 hours now, gently turning the buckle, but ended up with the locking mechanism coming apart.

As you can see in the picture, the buckle is still intact with the piece that supposed to release it and the whole mechanism is not working properly on this side, look at the marks in the first picture that were made when trying to rotate the buckle downwards.

Even now when I have the piece in my hand I'm applying force on it as much I'm comfortable and not to break it, I can't even separate these two pieces.



I've been trying to look up a solution online but had no luck, apart from this video

Something similar has happened to this guy.

I doubt I'll get the same service as him, so my question to VIVE staff is, what are my options for fixing this?



Used pliers and had to put more force on the plastic parts than I was comfortable to, but eventually with some indents from pliers they came apart.

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Good tutorial, I had no troubles attaching it. But now it seems to have displaced itself, it no longer goes back behind my head but rather sitting ontop of it. Trying to move it down meets a complete stop and I have been unsuccessful finding pictures or videos or even any mention of how you would go about removing the strap to reposition it again. 


Does it go by the same rules as the previous strap? Or will I tore off the plastic ball in the headset as this video shows:



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Im actually having a problem with re attaching the regular strap to the headset! And I can't find anyone with the same problem attaching my right side strap to the circular connector has lost its snap when pushing down while connecting and ends up not connecting. I can connect the left side fine but not the left.

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