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Focus 3 unable to pair to vive manager app after LBE configuration


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In my organization we recently got an LBE config package for Focus 3.

After following all of the steps to enroll our devices, I cannot start creating a map since it is a feature that requires the mobile app device manager to work with.

My problem is that our LBE config disables the headset button, which is necessary to finish the pairing process with a phone. So we can never finish pairing a headset with device manager since the headset button is not responding and we cannot confirm the pairing process.

If i pair with Vive manager before enrolling the device to LBE, it will never show the "Enterprise features" option in settings. Even after having enrolled the Focus3 on LBE mode.




Thank you very much in advance for your help

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Sort of the same problem here... 

I enrolled our 2 HMDs into the LBE config using the Vive Business Console. 

Turned on the HMDs, made sure bluetooth is enabled, and then I tried to pair them up to my phone with Vive Manager. The app gives a 'pair code' but on the HMDs I see no pair code at all; just the regular home environment with the UI.

Pressing the headset button on one of the HMDs ('guessing' it is the one that my phone wants to connect to) also doesn't do anything, probably because the button is disabled by LBE config, like the OP mentioned.

How can we proceed with pairing the device and setting up a map?

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Same here. The configuration option to disable the headset buttons effectively bricks the device, since it cannot be onboarded without it. HTC does not have a workaround for this other than to call them and have your LBE config changed with the HMD button enabled.

The Vive Manager is actually quite a handy piece of software that makes device management much more fluent than using the LBE tools on PC. But while they're adding features to it meant for LBE customers, LBE customers cannot connect with the Vive Manager app. I assume that will be fixed at some point, as the whole LBE system is still deep in beta.

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