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Enscape and LumenRT


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At my work we are showing 3D model with the plugin Enscape for Revit and the standalone program LumenRT.


We just did the switch from oculus to HTC Vive.

The problem is that we are getting a laggy experience that we did not get with the Oculus.

In steam there are no problems with the HTC Vive.


Our computer specs are:

Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.0GHz

16 GB Ram

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080


Has anyone experienced this and do you have a solution.?


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Well if i have async on then the screen lag is gone. 

This introduced a new problem. I get lag on the controllers movement, they are delayed by one second.

I have installed a hardware monitor to see that in LumenRT and Revit Enscape the GPU is using 100%  which i think is causing the movement lag. 

With google earth in the steam app it only uses 20%


Any suggestions to fix this.? Do i really have to upgrade the GTX 1080.?

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Hello , I've been trying to track down a solution for this issue and wanted to update you. We don't have access to machines with Revit or either plugin so I've been unable to dive deep into the issue. I tried reaching out to both the Enscape and LumenRT teams and was unable to receive any helpful insights from them. The Enscape team suggested that you submit a ticket to them through the "feedback" button in the Enscape context menu (and asked that you listed your email in the notes). Are you loading rather complex scenes or does the issue also occur when you load a scene with minimal assets? Your scenes may be large enough that your 1080 is being pushed too hard by the combination of software. Does the lag occur with any other software? 

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Thanks for the help so far

With the LumenRT trial and full version there is included a project "Iwasa House" this is a scene with minimal assets and it still goes straigth to 100% usage of the GPU. When lowering that to the lowest settings I get around 80% usage.


With Enscape it doesn't matter if it's a building project that takes 1 min or 15 min to load. (high loading time is for large project) we still get 90-100% usage of the GPU.


I will try to submit a ticket to them.

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