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QUSB_BULK - 001 Headset is not connected

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So My HTC Cosmos is no longer getting detected by my PC and the device manager the device gets detected as unknown device - QUSB_Bulk

Tried various fixes, reinstalled software, different USB cable.

The odd  thing is I can still update the headset but the Vive console won't detect the Headset, then thinking it might be something to do with USB drivers but reinstalled I get the same.

I'm convinced it was a recent update that has caused the issue and it software issue on the HMD - i had not used my headset for a few months and when I turned it on recently it prompted me to update which I did. Since then the headset is no longer detected properly by my PC.


So I contacted support, who were very quick to reply - who acknowledge it was a known issue and only the repair center has the equipment to recover for the issue, however as I am now out of warranty they are asking 150 euros to repair.


Now I think this is absolute outrageous scam - as a firmware update they release bricks my headset and they want me to pay for it.

My journey with the HTC Cosmos has definitely not been the best with tracking issues at the start and now this - I would never but or recommended a product from them again.


Any else had this issue and get a better response from HTC?



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Never got it sorted - HTC Support said they can fix it but as its not under warranty would of had to pay £150 + shipping

Ended buying a Quest 2 as a far superior headset in many ways

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