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Vive Pro 2 Brief PC Freeze on SteamVR Exit

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Everytime I shut down the vive console or SteamVR my pc freezes for about a minute, and my video card emits a very loud coil whine. Eventually the PC becomes responsive again and SteamVR shows the "i just crashed!" window. Found several posts on this on reddit, but nobody has shown any solution yet.

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Hi, same problem here and never found a real fix if I try to close from the SteamVR console ... but ... since I click on the VR button from Steam interface (at the top right) to 'disable/turn off' VR, it's work like a charm, very rare cases of crash since this way to do...

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I had the same problem, and I found the solution.

In my case, I just have to leave the overlays or other software using VR, before cutting with the live console. (here in my case it was mostly FPSVR, which disrupted the VR shutdown.)

Since then, I no longer have any weird freezes when my VR stops.
(Vive pro 2 in wireless).


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fwiw, I found if I simply unplug the display port cable from the GPU, it crashes immediately, ending the hard freeze. Not ideal but better than waiting forever wondering how well-cooked your hardware is getting, heh. Would be nice to have a fix by now! :)

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2 hours ago, C.T. said:

It is suggested to close the vive console first, and let it ends the SteamVR process. The other way around may cause deadlock for few sec. 

I used to use the Steam method of opening and closing SteamVR; however, as you mentioned I found that each time I would have it hang on me for a long period of time when closing, and worse, it wouldn't save my settings so I found myself having to set up my room each and every time I wanted to use my headset (very annoying).  If I open Vive Console first, it no longer asks me to set up my room; however, when I go to close it, I do still occasionally have the system hang on me and then it eventually pops an error saying that SteamVR encountered a critical error and asks if I want to restart it or quit.  So, I would say that while the Vive Console method for closing is far more reliable than doing it through Steam, it's still not perfect.  Just my $0.02.  

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Hey together,

i sadly have to "revive" (haha) this topic. 

While the method of closing all overlays is working better than before, it doesn't work every time.
The best that can happen is, that SteamVR closes fine or crashes with the prompt to close or restart it.
The worst that can happen is, that it freezes the whole system again. Sometimes it recovers and crashes with the above prompt or closes completely. Sometimes it stays frozen and i have to hard reset the machine.

Aside from the crashing the biggest issue is, that somehow the process is causing heavy load on my graphics card and the whole system. When the Vive Console crashes SteamVR i have heavy coil whining from my card and the fans ramp up to full speed and stay there until it either crashes or i hard reset the system.

That is not an acceptable behavior. And it is definitely the Vive Console that causes this issue. When i connect my old Vive Pro 1 everything works fine, even closing with as many overlays active as possible, even with the LIV compositor still running.

Nothing i have tried can stop this.
I've reinstalled Windows, tried over 30 different graphics drivers, uninstalled my AV solution, updated and downgraded almost every driver and nothing helped here.
Every SteamVR Software and Vive Software is on the exception lists of my AV.
I've changed SteamVR and the Vive Console from stable to beta and back in every possible combination without any impact on this.
Switched to every possible USB Port on the system (and there are a lot of them) and the Vive is now connected to the recommended FrescoLogic USB PCIe card.
Switched the DP Ports on the graphics card, too.
I've even changed graphics cards to see if this helps. It did not.

The strange thing is: When i restart the HMD over the usual SteamVR menu it can quit and restart it just fine. Only quitting/closing it causes the issue. And it does not matter how i close SteamVR, be it via the overlay in VR, by closing the Vive Console or by closing SteamVR on the desktop.

So what is the Vive Console doing here, that HTC can't fix since release of the Vive Pro 2? Why the heavy coil whine and why the system freeze and/or SteamVR crash?
As written above, it does not and did never happen with the Vive Pro 1, only the 2 with the Vive Console is causing this.

My system was replaced piece by piece over the course of this problem, so this can be ruled out, too.
From a Ryzen R9 3900X / 32 GB RAM / Asus Rog Strix 2070 OC Super to my now Ryzen R9 5950X, 64 GB RAM / Asus ROG Strix 3080 TI OC.

I really don't know what else to try to get rid of this issue. I really love the VP2, but the console is really killing this feeling every single day when i want to end my VR session.

(Sorry for the wall of text)

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Was this every solved? I just got the cosmos elite and my computer is completely freezing when I exit vr and the coil whine is soooo loud. I just reinstalled windows and the same thing is happening... Im starting to really regret my purchase.

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