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Vive Pro 2 Brief PC Freeze on SteamVR Exit

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Everytime I shut down the vive console or SteamVR my pc freezes for about a minute, and my video card emits a very loud coil whine. Eventually the PC becomes responsive again and SteamVR shows the "i just crashed!" window. Found several posts on this on reddit, but nobody has shown any solution yet.

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Hi, same problem here and never found a real fix if I try to close from the SteamVR console ... but ... since I click on the VR button from Steam interface (at the top right) to 'disable/turn off' VR, it's work like a charm, very rare cases of crash since this way to do...

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I had the same problem, and I found the solution.

In my case, I just have to leave the overlays or other software using VR, before cutting with the live console. (here in my case it was mostly FPSVR, which disrupted the VR shutdown.)

Since then, I no longer have any weird freezes when my VR stops.
(Vive pro 2 in wireless).


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