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WVR_InAppRecenter doesn't work with HandTracking


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Hi @vethetheth,

I created this script, let me know if it is ok for you?

using UnityEngine;

public class RecenterScript : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObject VROrigin;
    public GameObject Camera;

    public void Recenter()
        var cameraLocalRot = Quaternion.Euler(0, Camera.transform.localEulerAngles.y, 0);
        Matrix4x4 camLoacalNow = Matrix4x4.TRS(Camera.transform.localPosition, cameraLocalRot, Vector3.one);
        var targetHeight = Camera.transform.position.y;
        var targetPos = new Vector3(Camera.transform.position.x, targetHeight, Camera.transform.position.z);
        Matrix4x4 TargetPos = Matrix4x4.TRS(targetPos, Quaternion.identity, Vector3.one);
        Matrix4x4 CameraRigWorld = TargetPos * Matrix4x4.Inverse(camLoacalNow);
        Vector3 XZPos = CameraRigWorld.GetColumn(3);

        VROrigin.transform.position = XZPos;
        VROrigin.transform.rotation = CameraRigWorld.rotation;

I tested with Tutorial scene from VIU example scene.

You simply add the Recenter function to the button.

I made some modifications to the scene by adding VROrigin and move ViveCameraRig and VivePointers to its child.


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 Hello @chengnay, sorry for the long absence without response. What we wanted to do with the recenter was : reset the rotation (it works perfectly with your code) and reset the position of the player to the center of our scene (we could use a 0,0,0 transform GameObject for example). We managed to do both separately but not at the same time. And the WVR_RECENTER of the API doesn't work with hand tracking. Thanks for your help in advance.





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This line doest exactly what we need : it recenter the view, and it resets our position, the controller are fine too. But the hand tracking hands are not reset. I tried to deactivate the hand tracking / resetting their position so they can be at the good place after recentering but i couldn't make it work... Do you have an idea while they try to fix it internally ?

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