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Content bundle code problems

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I'm trying to get the free content bundle that comes with my new HTC VIVE but when I go to https://vive.com/code and I press the 'Next' button I'm forwarded to https://www.vive.com/eu/

But I can't find where I have to enter the code.


Also I've tried to enter the code in the Vive app (through dropdown from the user icon, top right). But there it says my code isn't valid.


So I'm stuck. What am I doing wrong?


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At least you haven't spent hours trying to make it work  sigh

Plus the bundle code supposedly worth five downloads - let me have Richies Plank (cool) then shut me out -- ???? Frustrating.

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Hi all,


Can you post the following:

- Does it allow you to log in/check out as guest? (try checking out as guest if you've previous signed in)

- Do you see the same behavior across multiple browsers?


Please try the following and report back:


Solution 1

- Log out of VivePort website, OR just use an incognito Window.


- Go to vive.com/code (or one of the other links suggested in this thread)

- Add

- When you are asked to log in - continue as GUEST.

- Finish check out as GUEST. 

You will then be given GAME CODES to use in VIVEPORT.


Solution 2:

Another fix is to clear the webstorage for store.vive.com, including all of the cookies and reboot the browser:

Link to instructions on how to clear webstorage:



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