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openvr driver about overwriting vive hmd positioning and getting vive hmd gyroscope rotation data


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I created an openvr driver and it works fine. I have tried adding a device in the driver: TrackedDeviceClass_GenericTracker, this tracker device receives 3rd party positioning data via UDP, and overlays the positioning data with the helmet positioning data by using trackingoverrides; I don't use a base station. 

The problem now is:
1. When I use trackingoverrides to override the HMD positioning, the window of the steamVR application immediately pops up a prompt box, prompting me to set the room, the error code is C200; and the VR view is not displayed on the PC.


I see there are some methods that say other chaperone json files can be used directly, but I don't know how to use it, can anyone tell me the details? How to unify the coordinate system in the openvr driver, and how to avoid the frequent pop-up of room settings in steamvr?


2. I want to use the position data in the third-party positioning data in the driver (without its rotation), and then use the rotation data of the HTC VIVE helmet's own gyroscope, and combine the third-party position data with the rotation data of the HTC vive helmet's gyroscope. After fusion, I set the positioning and rotation of the helmet together, because I know its own gyro rotation data is very accurate. Is my method correct? And how to get the rotation data of HTC vive helmet gyroscope through openvr driver? Note that I do not use lighthouse base stations.

I have tested a lot of examples, but all of them have the above problems, including the vive official git sample, OpenVR-driver-for-DIY, Simple-OpenVR-Driver-Tutorial and many more.

Hope to get help, thanks. I asked the same question on the steam forum because I was really bothered by it for a long time, I hope to get help, thanks.

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