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VBS: Controllers invisible or both assigned to one hand after Wifi disconnects


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During testing, I've noticed a strange behavior with VBS and SteamVR content: Whenever there's a Wifi disconnect (even briefly), in most of the cases the controller viewmodels disappear from the game or suddenly find themselves both attached to the left hand. Sometimes, restarting the controllers brings them back. Sometimes, a game restart is required.

I suspect that the device IDs get somehow messed up when the streaming connection is re-established. I'm just not sure at which point in the communication chain this is happening. Is this between VBS and SteamVR or between SteamVR and the game? Are you expecting game developers to use a specific controller implementation to ensure the controllers stay where they are supposed to be? Cause there are several middleware components (e.g. Unity / SteamVR interaction system) in use to develop games.

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We've noticed this happen several times as well in a variety of titles, the controllers appear find in the SteamVR Overlay but are broken in the game and don't display properly even after a restart of the controllers which does indicate some kind of Device ID issue when re-establishing a connection. This is something that Vive need to work on to make sure it re-connects in the same way otherwise it requires the game/app to be exited and started again which is a pain for customers and operators alike.

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