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VIVE Cosmos stuck on Error code 200: Headset not found, firmware update stuck


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I hadn't used my VIVE Cosmos headset in 2 weeks when I booted it up yesterday. Upon entering the VIVE Console by pressing the on button on the Link Box there was a screen telling me a new firmware update was available, so I began the download. It said that only the headset needed update.

The headset updated rather quickly and then the next screen showed prompting me to turn on the controllers and place them close to the headset. I turned them on and they appeared to pair because the ring lights were on.

However, I got stuck on this screen for an hour and a half: https://imgur.com/a/wjlvpfC I couldn't tell if the controllers were supposed to be updating too here.

If I cancel the firmware update and go to the console I am shown this.

It seems like the controllers aren't able to pair, and I have no clue why. For some reason in the VIVE setup the headset also cannot detect DisplayPort, even though my DisplayPort->USB-C adapter is proven working.


I don't understand what could have changed in 2 weeks of non-use and I have scoured the internet looking for an answer. Please help. Thanks.

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