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Focus3 - Is an activation code required for Marker based location sharing?


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I already have an activation code for VO mode on the focus3.  But recently I've been trying to get aruco markers to be recognized using the bits of c# code mentioned in this pdf. 


It appears that even though I have an activation code for VO mode, I cannot init the markers using these bits of c#/unity code. During initialization I get a message in logcat from SLAM/ReadMarkerJson saying that the behavior is not supported.  The initialization string I sent was the same as mentioned in the doc, the only difference being that I had to modify the size of it. 


If anyone has ANY info on how to get this feature or other focus3 Aruco based features working, please let me know.   Even any tips or pointers on where I can find more detailed doco that is specific to programming the Focus3 headset would be appreciated.


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Here is a little more information on this topic --

I found up higher in logcat where it prints info about the tracking mode and also other features that are enabled.  Assuming that I am reading this properly, it looks like I am in VO mode but the marker based location sharing appears to be disabled.  Perhaps there is some other call I need to make to enable that feature?


On a side note, I wonder what "tracking feature obstacle" is.  Have not seen any talk of that in the forums.


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Hi all,

I've also been trying to figure out the Focus 3's Aruco code scanning. I'm using PCVR with Vive Business Streaming

When looking at the logs, I can tell that the Scene Alignment is activated. I also presume that to use this feature I need Unity with the OpenVR plugin (which is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation!). I followed the code example as described here and I've been getting little to no feedback. I can tell my DebugRequests are being received by the HMD, but in the Unity app I don't get any return values from it. The HMD also does not react in any way when pointed at the ArUco code.

Has anyone had any success with this feature?

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