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HTC Vive Tracker 2.0 not working


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My HTC Tracker isn't working. On Wednesday, it wasn't connecting (although the Headset and controller did), so I plugged it in whilst it was turned on, and it automatically went through an update. Now, every time I try to call the tracker in my script (using Unity) an error comes up. This exact problem (as further described below) has been replicated across three different, and unrelated, projects. We use Unity 2018, this is the Tracker 2.0, and our headset uses eye tracking.

I have tried everything suggested by HTC support (ie resetting whilst plugged in, I have updated the firmware Wednesday, and it does pair as I can see the tracker in the neutral environment and the light is green) however none of that seems to work.

As a researcher, I am running an experiment using immersive VR. I have the participants wearing a wireless headset, hold one controller, and wear the tracking belt. In order to ensure they don't skip the instructions prior to start the task, there is a blank space with textmesh instructions, and a disk that appears on the floor. They need to stand on the disc (ie the tracker is over the disc) and press the controller's trigger. This will send them to a new scene which is the actual experiment. The error comes up when they stand on the disc and press the trigger, with the error NullReferenceException: Object reference not set. The line in Visual C# essentially says 'if trigger pressed, tracker on disc, and instructions present, start task'. But because the tracker isn't recording, or being called or something, it throws an error and the participant cannot progress.

Please may I have some assistance with this? Were there any additional updates released that need to included? Do you have any other suggestions? Many thanks.

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