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Vive Business Streaming 1.08.6 - Beta Release notes


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VIVE Business Streaming Software - 1.08.6 – Beta Release notes

Released July 13th, 2022

Console – 1.08.6

  • Dynamic bitrate refinements.
  • Fixed a potential issue (error code: 921) on AMD GPU computer.

Client - (update through VBS console)

  • Fixed a potential hang issue when in loading scene.
  • Improved Wireless VBS server detection mechanism.

Known issues:

  • When enabled Dynamic bitrate on AMD GPU, the GPU memory usage in Windows Task Manager Details tab is incorrect. It will show a ridiculous large value. The total GPU memory usage in Performance tab is correct.
  • If you’ve encountered crashes upon VBS launch on PC side, please contact @C.T. via PM or roll back to public line if needed.
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