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Mixed hand tracking and controller tracking in VBS?


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I'm curious about the state of hand tracking in VBS right now, I read that it's possible to play Half Life Alyx one handed and that makes a lot of sense to me as someone who never ever rotates using the joystick (one of the reasons I bought a wireless headset was so that I could freely rotate without cord tangling). I would only need one joystick for locomotion.

Is it currently possible to have hand tracking with the off hand and controller tracking with the right hand (in my case, my dominant hand) in VBS/Half Life Alyx?

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So, in VBS preference I saw that I needed to turn on

'Hand tracking' 
'Hand and controller at the same time'

So that's a start but when I load up Half Life Alyx, immediately what I notice is that in the 3d engine the location and orientation of Alyx's hand-tracked hand is quite far removed from my actual hand. 

Basically the hand is inside the end of my forearm and it's rotated about 90 degrees off axis (my real world palm can face away from me while Alyx's palm will face towards the right of me.)

It does the same thing in the steamvr 'mountain house' so I guess this isn't just an Alyx issue. 

Is this a known problem?

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