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Headset Plugged into Wrong Video Card with Vive Pro 2 with wireless adapter on some games

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I have single RTX 3080 GPU in my PC running latest 516.59 NVidia drivers on fully updated WIndows 11 Home for thre current date. Vive Console/Wireless are latest version too.

For VR I use Vive Pro 2 with Wireless Adaprer. All worked perfectly when I played a lot on June 5th last time. It means - all games worked without any problem.

Today I went in weird situation:

- Beat Saber works perfect

- Synth Riders and Warhammer Tempestfall (I haven't tried others today) don't start normally with "Headset Plugged into Wrong Video Card" while I have only one GPU at all

I triet to restart Vive Console/Vive Wireless/SteamVR/whole PC - nothing changed. Also I can't find anything helpful on the web.

How it can be fixed? Some error in latest version of some software and I need to downgrade something?

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