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What is your experience with the VIVE support team?


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We are developing VR solutions for industrial purposes. We deploy mostly on VIVE Focus because the headset is targeting professional users. The headset is OK and is mostly fulfilling our expectations.

Our customers (internal and external) are business partners and rely on a strong technical support.

And unfortunately we have made only terrific experiences with the VIVE support ... 

It feels like the support team has never used the headset or the toolbox. They don't undestand our problems... They send totally random answers...And it is slow (approximately 2 days in order to get a complete useless answer...). Typically we get answers like: "did you have a look at the vive developer page?", "did you try to follow the steps on the help page?". And they do it until you give up and the ticket is being closed...

We are based in Germany and our support is somehow always speaking german, what we don't explicitly ask for (they speak german pretty well by the way). Perhaps it is the problem, our "dedicated" support is only here because they speak german? not for the skills? 

I'm interested in your experience with the VIVE support. Was it good? And then in which country are you based? Do you have some tipps on how I can access a better support (only english speakers for example)?

Thanks for your reply!

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