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LBE mode - freeRoam + RoomScale on the same location and headsets

Sebastian ZENonVR

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Anyone uses such scenario:

The same place, the same 6 headsets, and sometimes usage as a freeRoam, and sometimes standard 6 stations for standard games. 
I am still waiting for proper LBSS config, but I am curious how does it work.  There is a need to have one big map for Freeroam with boundaries and 6 small sets of boundaries for standard stations.

How did you set that up ? 

different boundaires for freeroam and roomscale.  I do not know if it suppose to be 2 different maps for both options or only one - but how one only if each HMD should have different boudaries for standard room-scale games.

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Theoretically speaking:
Once you have LBSS installed, you can define groups of devices that share a map. You can use a device to set boundaries and share that into the group you defined. Since you can move devices between groups, these devices will then update with the map that is assigned to the respective group. It's a bit of a hacky approach though, since you will need a group for each individual device + a shared group for co-located VR. And it will swap out the map, even though you really only want to swap out the boundaries and point of origin. It will also cause the headset to reboot with the new map after moving to another group, so it's not suitable for a realtime swap. We're currently looking into this issue and see if we can find a solution with Warpdrive VR, where we already have this functionality für SteamVR systems.

But if this hacky approach works for you:

  • Map each room-scale sector with its respective device and store that to an individual group, best name that group the same way as the device so you know which belongs to which
  • Map the full area with one headset and allocate that map to a shared group that you can move all devices into when you need it
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